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NINJA KIDS DOJO HOMESCHOOL 2022 - Sunday, September 11 ep220911
Sep 11, 2022

Ninja Kids Dojo

Bujinkan Snow Leopard Ninja Kids Dojo is an educational and motivational tool that can be of...



WARNING: We are not responsible for any injuries or subsequent harm derived from watching this video and / or material. Proceed at your own risk. We have put maximum effort on making this video as safe as possible. If you think a technique or movement is to hard for you please don't do it.


JUNAN TAISO: Warm Up, PE and stretch.

LANGUAGES: A few basic Japanese terms. REVIEW: Download study guide: LANGUAGES: A Short History of the English Language (origins of English Language) (video)

TECH: Set of exercises explained - a routine to work on you own 2 or 3 times a week. DOWNLOAD LESSON NOTES: Who were the ninja -

Kids Dojo logo by @Lainey4freedom Online Church Services: by @Grumpy1992

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Music I use for this video: Japanese drums & flute: unknown artists "Expelling The Devil" Fleetwood Mac "The Chain" Kitaro "The Light of the Spirit" Louise Belle and Goat Farm Products Music by Lesfm from Pixabay We respect Copyrights that protect the hard work and talent of other creators.

Video Sources:

A Short History of the English Language

The Generalist Papers - The Generalist Papers make fully (or almost fully) illustrated educational videos covering a range of topics from history, philosophy and science! Hope you enjoy, and please subscribe.

Class Notes: I've developed a small simple training (individual) routine with elements I've covered so far. I do a more complex one, day yes - day no, I train 1 day and rest another. This is the tech part of my training, I walk some 20 miles a week, when possible swim and starting now to run again; I was 25 lb. overweight and didn't want to damage my knees so I've walked.

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Never forget Ashli Babbit!! and pray for Justice and the release of the J6 political prisoners. Never forget how we were treated these last years by governments that "work for us".


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