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NINJA KIDS DOJO HOMESCHOOL 2022 - Sunday, October 16 ep221016
Oct 16, 2022

Ninja Kids Dojo

Bujinkan Snow Leopard Ninja Kids Dojo is an educational and motivational tool that can be of...




JUNAN TAISO: Warm Up. INTRO: (video) Lesson description. Ninja Kids Dojo in English [section] - Documented Study Guide

part 1 - 12:05

PE (Physical Ed) ( 5 ~ 25 times depending upon each individual's condition ) Mini intro to kaiten Tobu, kaiten and shuriken throw

20:05 - Japanese, introduce oneself

Hello, goodbye! こんにちは! さようなら konnichi-wa! sayonara What is your name? なまえはなんですか? Namae-wa nan desuka? My name is .. なまえは … namae-wa ... Nice to meet you! はじめまして! Hajimemashite!

part 2 - 21:09

Mutodori basics

27:03 - How to introduce yourself in Japanese with pitch accent Speak Japanese Naturally YouTube Channel

part 3 - 1:11:00 ( part 1 using weapons )

PE ( 5 ~ 25 times ) Mutodori henka - dodging an armed attack and responding with a weapon.

00:00 Video: The Difference between Soul & Spirit by Pastor Bob (please keep Pastor Bob in your prayers)

WARNING: We are not responsible for any injuries or subsequent harm derived from watching this video and / or material. Proceed at your own risk. We have put maximum effort on making this video as safe as possible. If you think a technique or movement is to hard for you please don't do it.

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Kids Dojo logo by @Lainey4freedom Online Church Services: by @Grumpy1992

Music I use for this video: INTRO: Live Life (The Kinks) by Raymond Douglas Davies WARM UP: Orochi (Kitaro) live in Izumo Taisha, August 10, 1990

We respect Copyrights that protect the hard work and talent of other creators.


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Never forget Ashli Babbit!! and pray for Justice and the release of the J6 political prisoners. Never forget how we were treated these last years by governments that "work for us".


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