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NINJA KIDS DOJO HOMESCHOOL 2022 - ep221113 - extras
Nov 15, 2022

Ninja Kids Dojo

Bujinkan Snow Leopard Ninja Kids Dojo is an educational and motivational tool that can be of...



Last Sunday forgot to include this on the lesson. Sorry! - here's what was missing. Have a great week!

Kids & Guns by Michael Yon - War Correspondent follow and support @Michael_Yon

American children should not be exposed to guns until they are old enough to run and climb on and off a couch without assistance. Running and the couch maneuver is proof of dexterity. This is required to begin teaching shooting stance and martial arts. Plastic guns only until age six.

On sixth birthday, present with Red Rider BB gun. Lever action only. None of that hyper-velocity machine gun scuba-tank stuff. That will put an eye out. BB gun marksmanship should be practiced while fishing. BB impacts on water provide velocity and drop feedback, max range feedback, and wind effects.

Do not shoot at birds unless you plan to eat them. If the child shoots a bird, get the belt out. Hurt bird = belt hurts butt. Cause and effect.

Issue one BB at a time.

This teaches fire discipline.

Kids with rich parents and automatic BB guns learn bad habits. One hundred shots and no hits. Slow down. You got one shot. Make it count.

At age 9, graduate to single shot .22 rifle. No pistols. Start actual hunting of rabbits and small game for dinner. Hunting teaches stalking and respect for the power and responsibility for everything that flows from that barrel. Single shot only. Go hunting with one bullet.

At age 10, learn to catch baby alligators by hand. Avoid all gators larger than the forearm. All gators are loaded at all times. Teach snake identification and know the quickest way to the hospital. Catch all the snakes you want.

Keep children away from the internet. If 10-year-old complains that other kids play with the internet, say you are not other kids. Get out of the house, grab the hatchet and chop some firewood and put it in the fireplace for tonight. Then get out of the house and do not return without catching a wild animal with your hands. Bring it back alive and unharmed. The neighbor girl is not a wild animal. Her father has a chainsaw. If you want to get to know his daughter, go help him chop wood.

At 12, can hunt alone with single shot .22 or single shot 20 gauge. Introduce to pistols. Permitted to hand-catch gators not greater in length than the arm.

At 14, can fire AR-15 rented at the range. No AR-15s allowed in the house.

At 16, lever action rifle of any caliber up to 45/70. Permitted to hunt gators of any size using almost all means necessary, but no explosives. Only traps, hands, hooks, or rifles.

At 17, time for an ‘AR-style’ rifle, but it must be .300 Blackout or bigger. No AR-15 caliber 5.56. The 5.56 is a child’s caliber. At 17, you are a young man and expected to do man stuff with man calibers. 5.56 is for children and the US military. Green tips, pink tips, black tips — take this tip: 5.56 is for children.

By age 17, the caliber should be .300 Black or hotter. .300 Blackout is for men. Average men. A man’s man uses 7.62 x 51, or one of those new exotics that all the Delta Force guys like. None of that 7.62 x 39 nonsense. This is not Red Dawn, and you ain’t a Wolverine. 7.62 x 39 is great for poor revolutionary commies. We ain’t poor, revolutionary, or commies.

At 17, begin night firing and with optics day and night. If you can’t handle 7.62x51, get back in the gym or chop down an acre of wood.

At 24, fly A-10 with 30mm, and if you get shot down, you know how to sling some small lead.

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And now some personal observations on 5.56. I’ve seen many people close and personal shot with various calibers. Mostly 5.56 and 7.62x39. 5.56 is not a serious combat round and never should have been carried by millions of Americans for several generations.

Witness this Al Qaeda shot four times at point blank, including splattering a testicle. The terrorist, with one remaining testicle and gut-shot, still did admirable hand-to-hand. And did not die for eight months. Gotta respect a man who can get an egg shot off and still try to bite you. But this never would have happened with 7.62x51.

Gates of Fire. Read it, and ditch the children’s calibers:

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