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Ninja Kids Dojo HomeSchool 2022 (ep221030)
Oct 30, 2022

Ninja Kids Dojo

Bujinkan Snow Leopard Ninja Kids Dojo is an educational and motivational tool that can be of...



Sunday October 30, 2022

Lesson Description:

From next week on I'll be changing lesson & video formats. The main change will be that I will no longer include YouTube videos done by other sources, for example next 3 or 4 weeks besides the Ninpo I'll be doing some IT (Computing) basics - an introduction to Computer Science.

All previous videos from video platforms will be archived and taken offline, lesson structure will also be affected - hopefully will be 35 minute lessons, these will be for both parents / instructors as well as for the children. These will use a central reference instructor's detailed manual and videos (Pay not free). Lesson videos will continue to be free for people to watch and grab a few things to include in their homeschool lessons, a more detailed and approach will be available at a reasonable price.

Download [existing] FREE study guide:

There will also be a limited number of Ninja Kids Dojo in English lessons every month. First we will sort out the Homeschool 2022 section of Ninja Kids Dojo.

With the new quality and more professional approach we hope to find companies in the U.S. and Japan that help us fund lessons and future developments. Up to a few weeks ago included promotional videos from businesses we believe are good for society and people.

For this lesson please use these as reference / support: Ninja Kids Dojo in English (MX/SP) (SPANISH) - 2nd row rectangle to the right.



Spanish, Introduce Oneself - extended

Hello, goodbye! Hola, adios! What is your name? Como te llamas? My name is .. Me llamo ... Nice to meet you! Gusto en conocerte!

Where are you from De donde eres? I am from .... Soy de ... How old are you? Cuantos años tienes? What is your favorite food? Cual es tu comida favorita? God bless you! Dios te bendiga

INTRO: (video) Lesson Intro + Description.

PART 1 • PE - 5 to 25 times each exercise • Tobu - Jump ( right, left, up and down ) • Tsuki - Punch • Ukeru - Block

PART 2 • PE - 5 to 25 times each exercise • Iai - Draw the sword • Happo giri - cut in 8 directions • Ukeru - Block • Shuriken nageru - Throw shuriken

PART 3 • PE - 5 to 25 times each exercise • Combo - Combinations of all the above


We invite you to watch Hatsumi Sensei's Ninja 80's TV Show episode 1:

WARNING: We are not responsible for any injuries or subsequent harm derived from watching this video and / or material. Proceed at your own risk. We have put maximum effort on making this video as safe as possible. If you think a technique or movement is to hard for you please don't do it.

Visit our shop at:

Kids Dojo logo by @Lainey4freedom Online Church Services: by @Grumpy1992

Music I use for this video: INTRO: Live Life (The Kinks) by Raymond Douglas Davies WARM UP: Koi (Kitaro)

We respect Copyrights that protect the hard work and talent of other creators.

The Real Anthony Fauci Film

In case you missed it… Both Parts 1 & 2 of The Real Anthony Fauci are open to watch for FREE till Tuesday!

There is one catch, it’s just for the next few days. So you’ve got less than a few days now to catch any part you missed, or your favorite expert, or maybe those few interviews you didn’t quite have time to watch before they ended.

Deadline: Tuesday Night @ Midnight

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Never forget Ashli Babbit!! and pray for Justice and the release of the J6 political prisoners. Never forget how we were treated these last years by governments that "work for us".


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