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COVID-19 IS Communism Taking Root
Dec 22, 2020

Nullify Fed Laws

Welcome to my channel! The home of honest opinions on what’s going on in the world.

If you...



My experience with being harassed by sheeple while getting coffee.

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  • Roots? More like Blossom. The roots of Communism are in Zionism, they grew in 1917 and in 1933 when FDR was the first US President to officially recognize the USSR.

    You should honestly just start baaing and bleating at these people that whine about you showing your face. If you say much of anything tell them you think they should turn their brainwash box off for a few days, better yet turn it off forever and stop paying to be lied to and indoctrinated with globalist propaganda. The #Covidiocracy of the masks and stupid distancing or all out lock downs and threats of "mandatory" vaccinations is causing suicide rates to skyrocket. If you really want to get into it, have them pull out their fondle slab (aka smart phone, government tracking device and ball and chain) and look up abortions in the US at the Guttmacher Institute website. Communist Overthrow Vehicle (Virus, Vaccine) In Disguise

  • They don't do research on the flu statistics but they go by what their told with Covid .

  • Whatever the outcome in Jan. there will be riots nationwide which is why my buddies and I are outfitting our AR'S and handguns with these

  • following all new gab tv users cause obviously, yr on the cutting edge!!!

  • Absolutely loved your vid! And I think the virtue signaling has got to stop. Who knew that people would police each other so hard on a virus with a 99.9% survival rate... Ugh! Can't roll my eyes hard enough πŸ™„...

  • All of you think this is about politics. And surprise! It's not. It's about reality, science. Something you're clearly not familiar with... And that's so embarrassing (knowing how advanced your country is) for your own country.

    I'm not gonna fight this stuff because, you don't worth it. You just think this is about politics, you think this is about you.

    If you at least payed attention to the school you were visiting then you might won't be here saying something this stupid.

    Thanks to selfish people like you are people dying, and I know you just don't care. You don't deserve anything in this world. And thank you! You made the world a favor making and uploading this video to the internet, that way it will be easier to know the kind of person you are... Because, guess what? You're gonna look great in pages like Reddit as the example of an asshole.

    See you there ;)

  • Amen. STFU sheep. Virtue signaling, spoonfed lazy mother fuckers. Good on you for no mask. I was in a store (Big by Midwest standards. Over 1K stores) that doesn't enforce but a city that is pretty stringent. Lady glared at me,shook her head and pointed to the piehole but couldn't say anything. I said "Bahaaaaaaa, you sheep". A little too loud but nobody got mad.

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