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Democrats and Precedent
Feb 05, 2021

Nullify Fed Laws

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If you...



I discuss the marjorie taylor greene controversy and what this means for free speech going forward.

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  • might want to check your mic levels. I had to turn up my speakers a lot to hear you. ๐Ÿ‘ I'm going to echo another commentor's sentiment here: after the flagrant theft of the recent election, I find it hard to believe any Democrats will ever "lose" power again. Under normal conditions a decade ago, yeah, you're right- the s*&@ these guys are pulling would be devastating to their mid-term chances.

  • This will never happen under Republican leadership in Congress. They never stand up to Democrat leadership and when they are in power the acquiesce .

  • My take on this Taylor Green Saga is 75% of the voters voted for.. to represent THEIR views in Congress. In a democracy the will of the PEOPLE is King, no one has the right to stifle their voice.

    Dems are saying that their voice is more important. It's not.

    Hopefully, Ppl will realise this and Vote differently in 2022

  • If you think they'll just let republicans back into congress after all this you're as delusional as the leftists

  • Awesome points! The worst things get, the more the American people will appreciate free speech again....

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