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Plan B For Liberty
Jan 16, 2021

Nullify Fed Laws

Welcome to my channel! The home of honest opinions on what’s going on in the world.

If you...



Thoughts on where we go from here.

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  • Turns out there was no plan or process, only hard work ahead to get things where they need to be.

  • What a powerful message! I think this is is the way to go! It doesn't have to be civil war! We still have a way to fight without resorting to bullets! At least, not yet...

  • Well said! Let's work through our State legislators to fight the corrupt federal government! Good idea!

  • First, I love the sound of your little ones playing in the background. It’s normalizing in these times. Next, agree wholeheartedly. We no longer hold leverage over #POLITICIANS. The salary paid to them by #taxpaying citizens is a paltry amount compared to the $$$ big money from corporations and corruption governments. The #government no longer works for us. We have a fight ahead of us, but to not fight against what is coming will have far worse consequences. We cannot stop fighting to defend our #Freedom. I am Reading (studying) “Live Not By Lies - A Manual For Christian Dissidents” by Rod Dreher.

  • Good video friend.

  • Good thoughts. Remember evil cannot co-exist very long. Example Hitler, Stalin, Musselini, ....all racist too. Remember what JFK said, remember what MLK I have a dream.

  • You should tell stories to fall asleep to. It's not a dig, your voice is very calming

  • Why doesn’t President Donald J Trump arrest the Biden crime family?

  • I like listening to you. You make sense to me.

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