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Libertarians Betray Their Own Values And CANCEL Nick Fuentes Documentary
Jun 26, 2022

America First

America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes is LIVE Mon-Fri @9pm EST

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  • "I'm a Catholic Caesarist" and "I'm rolling up 20 Goyper's Deep in Vegas, Sean Malone!" Awesome!

    Libertarianism is the natural utopian state for Whites...right up until we are fucked with. THEN it's Ceasarism!

  • Who sodomized the little boys, Nicki?

  • Nick Fuentez and the groypers whining about being canceled by the libertarians, after invading gab and charging headlong into a retard war with the wignats is hilarious. This kid has gotta be schizzo.

  • Libertarianism is jewish to its core. It's purpose is to capture more intelligent and curious Whites who cannot be indoctrinated into their Communism. It appeals to the Patriots. It keeps the nonMarxists Whites from noticing that jews are behind all the destruction of our institutions and our nation.

  • its wrong you should be allowed,there filthy commies..

  • "I am the most cancelled man in history" ROFL.......Hold my Mtn Dew, bro........I was being cancelled BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN BORN...... :)

  • Ryan dawson is mpre cancelled. And u are a statost

  • "I'm the most cancelled man in America". You fucking dweeb. Egotism run wild. You're an idiot.

  • They are why I had to register independent and not Dem or Repub

  • Libertarians seem to be all of the pacifist, whining, boomeresque weed smokers who don’t want to make waves with action. They just stand on the shore criticizing the surfers on the wave.

  • LOL, TFW when your too gay and cringe even for the lolberts...

  • The left is insane, the right uppers aren't right - in the head.

  • Is there a way to block this faggot's videos from appearing on the right side of gab?

  • You can't worry about optic when (((they))) hold the camera.

  • However... I did the research on the ovens.. You are 100% wrong German ingenuity ......

  • Honestly Libertarians were just a way to say fuck you to the corrupt big two....

  • I've never voted Libertarian, though I honestly like the idea of limited Gov, because of how wishy-washy they are. They'll coddle anyone who will vote for them.

  • There is a higher percentage of criminals and criminality in government than there is in society generally. When you consider this, it's an ironic sick joke that government officials make and enforce the laws, eh? These lost, sick, bastards even make speeches intended to extol themselves as the protectors of what is righteous and good. They even attempt to redefine good and evil in such a way as to invert them, calling good evil, and evil good. So, we have political support for gay "pride" parades to extol perversion as good, killing unborn babies dressed as caring for women, judges releasing criminals back into society, legally permissible drag queen story hour in school and public libraries, blood and treasure wasted on unjust wars, etc. etc.

    Our constitution was devised to be a political system that gave government limited coercive power and left people free to live by their own lights within the bounds of natural/God-given rights. Unfortunately the constitution has been ignored in many cases and in many ways by our government office holders. We need to know our constitution and the power it gives us to fight against this perversion of our country's supreme law of the land.

    Watch this to learn how: It is not so much a movie as a lecture on what the constitution says and how to have it enforced and protected by the citizenry.

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