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Russia Set To EXECUTE American Regime Mercenaries
Jun 30, 2022

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  • Good. I have been for Putin and the Russians all along. I have good connections

  • No sympathy for anyone who fought for Ukraine against Russia. The fewer stupid people we have that believe everything they say on TV the better off we are.

  • Only criminals hire mercenaries.

  • They knew the risks - plus, they went to fight for Biden's money-laundering pals - Screw them!

  • The problem is that we all conveniently ignore facts like everyone no matter your country are under attack by their Governments who are the Stooges for the World Financial System and do their bidding and their UN and NATO who follow their orders while the UN was created after WW2 to stop wars but have instead helped to create them and has been a huge failure by Human Rights Standards and all their creations like the WHO

  • Maybe if we executed some of the illegal aliens attacking the US they would quit coming....

  • They went to Ukraine to kill Russians .. Life is all about choices ... They chose poorly......

  • I hope they are lined up and shot. They had no reason to be there, and they were stupid enough to believe the lies. Just like the stupid people who took the COVID bioweapon jab and are now dead (one million) or disabled (three million) Life is hard, it is even harder when you're stupid.

  • Fuck em'. If they were stupid enough to buy into all that propaganda, throw in with those shitbags then they get what they have coming to them. I consider it natural selection, again fuck em', they are an embarrassment to this country IMHO.

    FYI in the matter of Russia Vs. Ukraine I am def rootin' for Putin.


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