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Societal Decay Is Driving People To Commit Mass Shootings
Jun 05, 2022

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  • It's the FBI dumbass. It's always the deep state behind the shootings.

  • Another youngster who buys into the bullshit~ There has been no school shootings only 'FBI setups of some kids who never killed anyone, its all been a series of hoaxes and only someone who is too slow witting to pay attention buys into their commie joo bullshit

  • One of your best efforts: Please don't cut-off comments. Everyone ignores the haters, you should too. Theoretically, the pressure put on students, today, is due to an American economy that has been downsized, out-sourced and flattened. Ironically, reform has a decidedly anti-intellectual basis; from an America that automatically produced creative, productive citizens, we are on the verge of producing homogenized robots ready for Big Box life and a government and increasingly corporate culture bent on choosing winners and losers.

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  • We're overpopulated. Nature is simply squeezed out in many areas like cities. This rotten technology is in between most human civilization so we can all be under surveillance. There is little meaningful human connection. The ones who work, work far too much. The ones who live on benefits have bunches of children that the working people pay for. Media lies to us. Modern entertainment is twisted. Relationships are shallow, it's too easy to swipe on a different face and meet a new person and never develop depth in a relationship.

  • Had someone shot the fkr- as the woman did at a Birthday party? gathering last week - the media would keep quiet while about it. It doesn't jive with the Globalist agenda.

  • He's nailed it with this analysis imo. Like the Palestinian that went on a shooting rampage in Tel Aviv, they damage a good cause.

  • Society wasn't this way when it was Churched. We've discovered the problem and identified the solution--the same information every Churched person knew before it all came to pass (leaving God out = bad times)--so now the question is whether we want to recognize and acknowledge these things and act on them to remedy the problem or whether we just love death. Everyone who does not want to return to God is responsible for these shootings.

  • What an idiot. It is not the shooters that are slipping through the cracks ???? It is the Cabal Bribes seeking Politicians who are slipping through the cracks. They disarm all city venues, against the US Constitution and bill of Rights, to include making children's schools defenseless. Then they arm their own work place to the hilt, then shoot dead a beautiful unarmed woman who just happens to be a two tour Air Force Veteran. Ashli Babbitt.

    We all need to remove ALL Democrats from office ASAP !!!

  • A brave new world. Be prepared

  • Agree: we have a total breakdown of society in the West.

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