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The Enemies Of America First Only Know How To Gossip
May 30, 2022

America First

America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes is LIVE Mon-Fri @9pm EST

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  • Nick you literally binge watched a faggot tranny show on Netflix, you can't get more feminine than that.

  • I occasionally want to give listening to Mr. Fuentes a shot. I have respect for the fact that he refuses to conform to society's backwards standards. Yet, I am always pretty disappointed, particularly in this video. The majority of this video is literally simply Nick Fuentes bragging about how masculine he is (though he does not seem to emanate masculinity much at all) and calling a woman an ugly bitch. It's quite pathetic.

  • A Hitler mustache?? Yeah, that'll work 🙄

  • I don't have a problem with you. But you aren't exactly the most masculine guy in the bunch. You seem like a lot of guys that got shook down in my neighborhood; You really are a geeky little shit.

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  • The key uniting the talking heads on the right is MONEY $$$. Put em on payroll. Give em a taste. then they'll kiss the ring, Some are grifters and some are true believers, but all NEED MONEY.

  • Nick is the pirate king. He needs to share the booty to keep the crew inline

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