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Imagine Still Believing NASA
Aug 07, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



If you don't see it by now, you never will.

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  • Uranus is a funny planet.

  • Even the elitists scum have jokes, hilarious lol

  • Here's the thing about this Bear guy (and his minions) --what he doesn't understand or what frightens him, he attacks. A huge universe scares him, so he attacks it and anyone who disagrees with him. He calls them gay or retards, etc. I think there IS a huge universe, but note I said "I think". That's called "humility". It doesn't frighten me, so I don't attack it. I don't attack the flat earthers either, although I disagree with them. Bear's not a bad guy (as I think a Fuentes is), but the key to understanding him is Fear. When you're afraid you can't say "I don't know for sure", because that feeds the Fear. Remember this when he categorically attacks someone or something. It's now all the time, but it is often. Btw--I don't trust NASA either, but for different reasons.

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  • Stop acting juvenile. Provide evidence or don't provide conclusions. Some of what you say is easily proven ridiculous by basic physics. I believe you are gaslighting your audience. Maybe it's because you're using the tried-and-true technique of saying stupid things so nobody takes you too seriously or maybe you're insane and in need of medication. You can say we didn't go to the moon; nobody really cares.

  • I have seen the planets myself with a telescope! Saturn has rings Mars has valleys and mountains! Its not about Nasa I agree they tell lies like going to the moon when no man can survive with the technology of the 1960s the Van Allen belt, But to imply that nothing exist or there are not spears up there is false info. Everything we see is a shadow of what is in the spiritual! That's why the Romans burned down the library of Alexandria so they can hide truth! Truth will set all free!

  • Uranus has to pass solar gas. Haha. Sounds like a prank from the guys in the news room.

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  • She could hardly say this without laughing, funny.

  • You realize they're putting mannequins in the Artemis I capsule because they're not sure about the 'radiation levels.' Are 100k people really gonna show up to watch them launch three dummies into space?

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  • This will conclude this test of your cognitive awareness systems ability to sniff out a pun!

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