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Owen Benjamin | #1463 Is It The Jews? Is It Not The Jews? The Answer Is Yes. Breaking Down Fractal Realities
Aug 05, 2022

Owen Benjamin 🐻

Comedian.Real bio is on Info Galactic. The wikipedia...



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  • Mudsliding is a strategy for discrediting theories when they're too close to the truth. Some group will make up fake account and start spreading the craziest version of a theory, a version that can be easily disproven even if it's based on a real truthful event. Pizzagate is an example. The notnilc/podesta/obama emails probably were talking about pedo stuff. So the whole pizza shop story was sent around, then some guy was paid to pretend to shoot the place up etc... Now the emails thing is tainted with the "disproven" pizzagate story. Same thing going on with holocaust theories and everything else that we're learning.

  • WE are now entering the Great Tribulation.

  • If you want to cut through the bullshit read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion . The Jews claim it is a hoax but when you read the Protocols it will piss you off . Its a 125 year old compilation of 24 protocols. Its about Global Rule and Antichrist making people take the Mark of the Beast.

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  • How convenient: under Owen's analysis, the current day Jews who genuinely hold real, hard power get off scott free

  • The Fourth Calipha of Islam was well aware of the corruption, that had spread around the world, The promised Messiah of Islam came with a blueprint from God, The Mosaic dispensation ended with the Messiah Jesus son of Mary peace be upon them all, the Mohammed dispensation was the Promised Messiah of Islam, as foretold by Mohammed peace and blessings of God be upon him, here is the promised Messiah of Islam Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad on whom be peace, he discusses all the isim ideology'sand made the Islam New world order. First the plague is discussed, how ironic, this was the plauge Referring to the sign of plague, the Promised Messiah as states: "Let it also be borne in mind that both the Holy Quran and even certain books of the Torah foretell that plague will break out in the time of the Promised Messiah. In fact, the Messiah, peace be upon him, also spoke of this in the Gospel..

    Listen if you have the ears to discern right from wrong:

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  • This is what I got from you, here. The poetry is stern, rugged, manful, and true. OWEN BENJAMIN:

    Is it the Jews or is it not? Yes.
        It is THE PARASITE chewing through fractals of thought.
            THE PARASITE latches on to the current of power or current power.
        THE PARASITE works through
        THE PARASITE works through 
            FEAR OF THE FUTURE
            REGRET OF THE PAST.



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