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Pro-Life Cowardice & Pro-Death Rage
Jun 25, 2022

William O'Toole

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Language WARNING!

Craig is PISSED! He writes:

My morning 2:30 wake up can’t go back to sleep reflection:

We’re more worried about Jane’s NIGHT of Rage than Moloch’s DAILY Slaughter. I’m so ashamed. ~ We haven’t ACTED like abortion ends another human being’s life, ANOTHER PERSON’S LIFE, so the other side, the slime green vomit, green people, they don’t believe our little brothers and sisters in the wombs of their mothers being lead to slaughter are human, and can we blame them if we’ve so SCANDALIZED them by our utter APATHY and fanatical PRIORITIES that show we are MORE CONCERNED with other things way before the saving of people being forced into killing centers to be MURDERED? ~ If it was “LEGAL” for parents to bring their 2 or 3 year old child to a clinic where they are put to sleep like a dog LEGALLY & PAINLESSLY, what does anyone with an ounce of honesty actually think we would do? Go ahead, answer it. It’s a valid question not a wild & crazy question. We’d all stand by with signs HIDING BEHIND THE “LAW” as the children are walked in to impending “safe, legal & painless” DEATH. MURDER we would call it, but the state & parents would rightfully say it’s THEIR LEGAL CHOICE. ~ We BUILT with our APATHY the Green Monster. Now let’s man up and face the music realize that the hens are coming home to roost.

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