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CIVIL WAR: Almost Half of Americans Say Civil War is Coming, as Biden Tries to Disarm America
Jun 03, 2022

Vincent James

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman...



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  • Ready when they are. It's time for a civil war. Talking doesn't work. This nation was formed on bloodshed, and will be reborn through the same. #remember1776

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  • A Jew York nigger ranting about gun crime in the US. That's rich... Shut the fuck up, nigger.

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  • Nadlers magic nigger has spoken.

  • He listed all the staged school shootings. Sandy Hook is fake, Ulvade is staged. They pick schools because they want to engender anti gun ideas in the Youth. The next generation....

  • They 100% want to genocide all the White people in America and the rest of the world. I couldn't see it before but I see it as clear as day at this point. They want White genocide.

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  • Here is how you address mental health. KILL GROOMERS. Destroy woke corporations. Eradicate democrats. BAN JEWS.

  • That black guy needs to be executed. He threatens us within the halls of congress and faces no consequence. His words are words of sedition and he needs to be hanged.

  • only way to protect ourselves is to kill democrats....all of them.... and any RINOs that support them...but that is only half the battle.....We must rid the world of the Zionist puppet masters that control them.

  • Want this eradication of the country to stop? The left has to be eliminated. If that happens at least 70 to 75% of this nation’s social woes disappear. The left is a cancer and the right in this country is spineless too worried making sure every ‘I’ is dotted and evert ‘T’ is crossed all the while the left urinates on the constitution as it pleases.

    This ship of ours is already better than halfway under water and sinking fast with ALL the agencies, including the military compromised and corrupt. The right HAS to grow a pair and fill itself with resolve because the only way to get this ship back on course requires dramatic well thought out action!

    Less praying and more action! God and the angels AIN’T coming it’s up to all of us.

  • Try to take peoples legal guns will just lead to more purchases of illegal weapons. You have the right to defend yourself.

  • Yes I believe there will be a civil war the left(destructionists) and the right( American Patriots) This was created by the Democrats inviting illegal border crossings and bringing the drug cartel. Good will prevail over evil!

  • The Australian government disarmed their citizens. The Australian medical tyranny is severe. Who knows wherr it will end.

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