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Drag Queens INVESTIGATED by Police as Mystery About Patriot Front is Exposed
Jun 14, 2022

Vincent James

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman...



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  • SOME DragQueens are actually AGAINST Grooming -- Just saw that last nite -- will try to find..

  • fucking filthy..

  • Just like the lives of Patriot Front members are going to be ruined by being part of PF, so too are the lives of all those who are members of America First - also known as AF.

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  • When the clothing doesn't match the weather, you know there are douchebags involved.

  • All those heretic priests will burn alongside the pedo $atanists. All the conservatives who kneel at the alter of $atan will burn with them.

    Ok. Good.

  • America allied with Bolshevism against Christendom.

    This is not new. This is your problem. Get over it.

    You side with $atan, you burn. Yes the Jew will pat you on the head and send some agents to your AFaggot Clown Show.

  • Vincent grow some fucking balls please.

  • THEY ARE OUT AND THEY ARE NOT QUITTING: Hey Patriot Front's still rising:

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  • This is why fighting smart is the key. PF and others are more trouble than they are worth. People need to think like the French Resistance and work low key, in the shadows. We're surrounded and outnumbered, so being open and blatant.... is just stupid.

  • Patriot Front are true patriots.

  • Organize your local community. Run for mayor and town council, target the police who support this lawlessness and fire them. Deny them their pension, make them examples for the rest of the cops.

  • @ 10:33 Jared Boyce's father left his wife and declared himself gay. That same woman then betrayed her son when he took a stand against evil. I would like to here more about Jared Boyce's mother, her husband went wrong, and she wants her son to do the same. Yes, Jared Boyce did take a stand against evil. Now we see what he was up against; his father and his mother tried to influence him to go wrong. Jared Boyce has first hand experience of precisely the evil which those children victims are being subjected to.

  • Where was CPS (Child Protective Services)? Or were those children whom were already taken from the parents by CPS and given to those degenerates?

  • @3:43 Title 18, Chapter 15, 1 C "Make a photographic or electronic recording of such minor child" All participants photographed and electronically recorded the children together with themselves engaging in the public lewd sexual exhibition.

  • Patriot front is a 'front'. Doesn't mean everyone is a fed, just means its a fed initiative. Sort of like J6. You go along with it, their is a cost.

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  • Glad to see you don't accuse PF of "Being Feds."

    Their lives are not "ruined". They are heroes. You think being a member of "waaaacist" AF makes you any less of a "nazi" to Anitfa? Nick is a complete hypocrite on this - just look at his "intern" policy. Vince - YOU WERE FIRED for your political views, by your own account. How are the PF guys "lives ruined" any more than yours is, for standing up for what you believe?

    What you are saying is, "Don't join an organized group to stop the destruction of our country, because they will be targets of the Feds." That's not a good reason. Anything EFFECTIVE will be targeted By The Enemy, obviously.

    You say this is "not the way" - then neither is AF. Then you whine that PF stole your spotlight? Do you REALLY think the media would have reported ANYTHING about YOUR Group, if PF hadn't been there? No, the (((Media))) will not report for you, period.

    Most "churches" - including the Catholic church - are pro-LGBTPedo, so "join a church group" isn't going to fix this. Your "local GOP group" is part of the Pro-Homo GOP. None of that will stop the LGBTPedo-filth, the Mass-Immigration, etc. We need Huge Organized Groups - which will be targeted by the Globo-Homo-Feds - to flood the streets, like the Left does, screaming NO MORE!!! That Works.

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