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The New Ariel Gets 1.5 MILLION Dislikes on YouTube Within 24 Hours
Sep 16, 2022

Vincent James

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman...




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  • Yeah theres a dislike veiwer on youtube

  • I bet Denzel Washington was pleased to replace the White "Equalizer" until a black woman kicked Denzel out haha

  • Funny the comments that get (black markered out) on gab. Shame, shame, shame.

  • Those "food is waciss)" videos gave me more cancer than all the bad food I've ever eaten.

  • 18th September 2022 1M Likes + 2.6M Dislikes

  • American Sci Fi writer IIsaac Asimov's "Foundation" series was given the negroid treatment as well, with almost all of the main characters being negroid females speaking with British accents. If aliens were to ever see this series, they would conclude that negroid females are the most brave and intelligent beings on Earth by far, the very saviors of humanity throughout the galaxy.

  • The Ariel remake is a racist Hollywood Production. But I did enjoy Brandy's remake of Cinderella.

  • From about 10 minutes in the marroon girl is talking about the East India Company and coflating the rice ilness called Beriberi Thiamine deficiency is a medical condition of low levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1) caused by polishing rice to whiten it. When it was cured by adding thiamine dilignt housewives removed the thiamin.Thiamine deficiency is a medical condition of low levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1) caused by polishing rice to whiten it. When it was cured by adding thiamine dilignt housewives removed the thiamin.

  • Anansi, the black spider the original spider man. Ariel and Ann those are Hebrew Israelite Bible names who are black people . Ann (St. Ann) is St. Mary's mother. St. Mary is Mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth all black people. Ariel is set in the Caribbean, majority black, Sebastian the Crab, is Jamaica, Ariel father in the movie is black , the steel plan played under the sea is black music from Trinidad, and in the sea, there is almost no white fish. Caribbean has plenty of black divers, swimmers, fishers, coast guards.

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  • Did not even watch this report because it is stupid sunject matter. Look Disney did not do this out of fear of the woke bastards among us. They did not do it for the money.

    The reason they did it was a poke in the eye to America, to destroy the America we all know and love, in our minds. They could not even het a pretty black actress. And here's another thing, since so many whites are now marrying blacks did they not realize they should have done a checkerboard appearance among all the characters with a few drag queers same sex couples and shit we all hate? Even throw in a cameo by the black president?

    Nope it was done as a poke in the collective eye of America. Keep pokin' Dizziy. You keep pissing off the wrong people and youi are going to get the results you want and then you will be history.

    I will go out on a limb and predict that because you have thrown in with the destroyers xof America there is going to no longer be a place among the nations for you in either system. The Devil who you fpollow, or America IDF she recovers her sense of balance.

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  • Yup being an eighty year old teenager I decided to watch the new Super Girl movie a while back. Soon as the male young intern "Jimmy Olson" came on screen and was now black instead of white I logged out. Never went back and will not. I'm not against blacks as actors but changing characters that have been around for decades like that bugs me. I did the same thing when Battle Star Glactica replaced a well known male character with a female I bugged out on it too. I do not watch movies or acts where married couples are mixed race. I believe black should be with black, white with white etc.

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  • gamers are not watching shit like "annie" and replacing white female children triggers everyone

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