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The Truth About the Fake Crowder and Shapiro Feud
Jan 20, 2023

Vincent James

"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." - Salman...




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  • "Republicans" hide behind the leftist social media restrictions, so they can disguise their own reluctance to go full-frontal truther, call-out blacks, or name the jew, and if they're "hindered from speaking about certain topics because of social media restrictions", they can still claim they're "fighting for you". It's all smoke & mirrors.

  • I don't understand this at all. But perhaps you should do a video about what old conservatism is all about and compare it to conservatives in 2023.

  • Is it possible , Vince, that Crowder has had his hands tied while with the Blaze? He keeps saying that what Daily Wire is doing is being done by ALL the major platforms. Could be why he felt so strongly about exposing this.

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  • This is just Steven Crowder bitching at Ben Shapiro over SHEKELS. Unless you are willing to call out the JEWISH DEMONIC EVIL on this planet you're one of them

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  • Like you, Vincent, but you’re sounding a bit envious. Shapiro is a bit slimy and definitely arrogant. Not hard to believe he’d like a penalty contract. Could it be a con…maybe. Don’t watch if it bothers you.

  • Mark Dice talks about the JQ he just doesn't believe in doing it overtly the way Kanye does as he feels it will just give them a chance to shut it down or you'll look like a raving neo Nazi to normies and they'll ignore you from then on.

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  • The influence of lawfare from the maniacal 'deepstate/new world order' over Conservative Inc is hardly fake Vince. Crowder is right to point to the weaponization of legal contracts that act in the interest of the communist takeover. And you should be agreeing with that.

  • Dice and you left out a bunch of details. Like that money was to pay his employees, so split it 20-ish ways. plus pay for his own production stuff, PLUS DW would OWN everything he ever did , and put it behind their paywall. Without his approval. they would also own his social media presence, doing whatever they want, without his approval. I think Crowder just got a big redpill suppository. We will see, what happens. He does have 6million + followers, many dif things he does. He turned down the money.. did you watch his video , where he proved it??

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  • Steven Crowder can NOT go where he wants, are you high? They won't have him on anywhere.

  • It's not fake. Daily wire looks shady with their lack of fighting and 0 election fraud coverage.

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