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Chris Sky speech at the Ottawa convoy for freedom rally in full.
Feb 06, 2022


Resisting the fake narratives of those who seek to destroy America. These are my opinions....



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  • Did an art piece of this guy!

    Stand in solidarity, stand united!!!

  • Cheers, smiles, no foul language, no threats, no destruction, no bricks thrown, no fires set, no looting, no attacks & gang stompings, no shootings, no murders, & their message is freedom for ALL. They are not racists. They are holding authority accountable to all citizens. And...these people are mature adults, fair-minded and with critical thinking skills.

    This movement in Canadian is the antithesis of the BLM movement.

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  • God Bless the resistance! Insane control freak virtue signalling politicians, maniacal pandemic fear mongers, and above all GIANT Pharmaceutical companies getting rich off of the unwarranted panic and vaccine mandates for a cure that is anything but a cure. You can still get the virus and you can still spread the virus. We are being serially lied to and manipulated!

  • "Stay-Tuned" This is far from over.. GAB rocks..

  • He isn't lying. Canada IS the BEACON.

  • Thank you Truckers

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