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Kari Lake Destroys Brett Baier πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Jun 28, 2022


Resisting the fake narratives of those who seek to destroy America. These are my opinions....



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  • Fake news media types seem to be comfortable in their own mire of deceit - such as it is. What a sad bunch they've become over at Fox Fake News! Sad!

  • In the news media's treatment of the stolen election, you will only hear argument from authority: "Such-and-such Republican official said there is no evidence" and similar. What you'll never hear is "Our investigative team dug to the bottom of this specific allegation and here's what we found".

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  • Is that guy a reporter or a CIA agent. Most of the mainstream media appears to be owned and run by CIA.

  • She has a picture with that drag Queen...... Why?????????????????????

  • I really am liking this women god bless stay safe

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