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Tucker Carlson: The Laptop From Hell
Mar 19, 2022


Resisting the fake narratives of those who seek to destroy America. These are my opinions....



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  • Joe Biden is disgraceful, and the media needs to be on trial.

  • And there will be no consequences. So why bother investigating.

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  • How are you cuckservatives so blind as to think this matters or will change anything? Name a significant political member who has had any adverse reactions with regards to any criminal activity in the last 20 years. You can't. And they won't.

    All media and all politicians are 100% communist and hate you. Letters and colors mean nothing more than what role they play in forwarding the same agenda.

    Every communist law or policy passed by the democrats could only pass because of Republicans. In every single case the right amount of Republicans always "turn traitor."

    They all want you dead. The corrupt communist government will never hold them to account. The corrupt and bought media will never hold them to account. They will do as they please and the most that will happen is someone making a meme.

    Wake up.

  • The rabbit hole of the laptop is going gvtk be nagging at the heels of the Bidens. They will not escape the sting of that scorpion. Any channels that push America in Frinton the bus should be penalised so heavily that will bring them down. Those news channels shown in the video, who side with the dragon, are traitors.

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