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Shock And Horror Discovering You Have White People DNA
Oct 14, 2022

Red Ice TV

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Odd stories in the mainstream media highlights how disappointed people are who find out that they have European origins after doing DNA test. Others discover that they are Jewish and immediately adopt their new identity.

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  • I found out a few years ago I could trace my ancestry back to the 16th Century on my Dad's side and shock horror all my ancestors from both parents are 100% Anglo-Celtic / Western European. I guess now I'll have to start learning to write in Runes and listen to folk music! Wait a minute, I already do. No effort involved after all.

  • But don't forget folks it doesn't matter who your parents are, if you didn't vote for Biden, "you ain't black!"

  • I'm in Australia and there is a minister in my area who found out that he was part aboriginal. Looks very white. Now wears a possum fur collar when delivering a church service, runs an Aboriginal art gallery from the church, a "reconcilliation " garden, has started to change out the stained glass window.....and the list goes on....


  • Sole sistter

  • We know who to blame, don't we Leftards? Blame your parents, SUCKAS. ๐Ÿคฃ They committed adultery or lied to you about your heritage!

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  • Good video. On gab I'm SOWM&ChristianSUPREMACIST. SOWM = Stupid Old White Man. I used to be IRISHcatholicSUPREMACIST. People used to be proud of their European Heritage. Immigrants would change or modify their names to be English sounding. Then the anti-war Boomers turned everything on its head. These Boomers were collateral damage from the Vietnam War. They became Globalists and worked diligently to destroy America and Western Civilization for their NWO. I think the coming fall of World Civilization will be collateral damage from the Vietnam War.

  • Actually, if you're Half-Kosher, it matters which half, e.g. if your mother is Kosher, so are you, if your mother is not, you are not, period !!!

    • I used to work with the Israelis, and they are very strict about this rule, and they do not recognize/encourage conversions ...
    • It is Acceptable for Kosher women to marry Catholic men, good husbands/parents, and the kids will be Kosher ...
    • It is Unacceptable for Kosher men to court Catholic women ("shiksa", "temptress", in Yiddish), kids will be Catholic ...
    • Mizrahim (Probably the Israelites of the Bible, Middle Eastern, ~60%), Ashkenazim (Very Little, If Any, Israelite Heritage, Eastern European, ~30%), Maghrebim (North African, Heavily Inter-married With Christians, ~5%), Sephardim (Dominated The Atlantic Slave Trade, Iberian, ~5%), Distribution Within Israel ...
    • One of the Israeli women explained to me that they are a "tribe" (Shibatim in Hebrew), like the Spanish, Italian, Greek tribes, and definitely a WHITE tribe !!!

    Koshers are 12M on Earth out of 7.5B people (0.16%): ~7M in Israel, ~3M in America, ~500K each in France and Russia, ~1M scattered elsewhere !!!

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  • Narcissism

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