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The Truth About The Great Replacement
May 21, 2022

Red Ice TV

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"The Great Replacement" isn't a conspiracy theory but a fact. It's real and happening before our eyes.

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  • Is it any surprise that the same party that perpetuated slavery, jim crow, and eugenics are the same party that still can't get the message 2 and half centuries after "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights". What is this enduring obsession of Democrats and the Left to characterize people based on superficial characteristics?

  • Back in 1999, I wrote a New York Times-cited novel called, "HOLD BACK THIS DAY" (amazon) about the last whites on Earth struggling against the onrush of a globalized, racially-intermixed world. Back then, I was only one in a small handful of voices trying to warn white Americans what was coming. And now....

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  • Las diferentes razas surgieron por la entropía que rige al Universo en que vivimos, por lo tanto luchar en su contra es inútil y nada ni nadie en este Universo lo cambiara. Podrán retrasar ese camino que ya tomo la Naturaleza, pero así exterminarán a toda la raza blanca ella resucitaría porque así creo DIOS las leyes para este Universo. La raza blanca es cambio, es avance, es fruto y semilla, crea bienestar y futuro para toda la humanidad sin avaricia, y eso amenaza el reinado de quienes se creen dueños de todo y todos, por eso han impuesto su falsa verdad -donde se sataniza, culpa y degrada a la raza blanca- para dividir a la humanidad... y eso solo es oponerse a lo creado por DIOS!

  • Stupid people first they get rid of white people then they will target black people then Latino & it will be another & another as psychopaths really don't care about any people. Pure Evil.

  • People, mainly men aren't starting families, and having children because of feminism, and the laws on the books that favor women, and enslaving men. But we don't want to have that conversation. It's everything for the wammins.

  • Having a relationship, by marriage or to procreate, with a person because of the color of their skin is asinine. It’s sheer ignorance and no basis for a long lasting connection. This campaign to erase an entire group from the planet is based on faulty dogma. Anyone taking part in it should seriously check their sanity and hatred levels. You’re living a toxic cancerous life. Get some peace! Get with Jesus,

  • We love you guys but hopefully you will continue to make several short videos, (Under 15 minutes) like this bc TIME is our ONLY NON-REPLACEABLE Commodity. Please heed and do NOT be offended bc there is only so many extra minutes we have per day. Thank you. Shared with over 500K on Gab.

  • Hispanics are moving toward the Republican party in droves. They like to keep their paychecks and don't want LGBTQIA2+SJW/CRT garbage shoved in their faces.

  • When it comes to left-wing quangos, left-wing parties and the scum in the shadows propping them up we need a Great Imprisonment.

  • "White" is not a race. This is divisive rhetoric coming from both sides of the political spectrum.

    Free your mind and the rest will follow. Be color-blind. Don't be so shallow.

  • What is the reason for population decline and aging? It's the elephant in the room that you won't mention because you are trying to make it stay hidden from the public's mind. It's something YOU most likely partake of. It's something you would get a lot of static from other feminists if you got into it deep.== PILL & ABORTION = TOXIC FEMINISM. If you ban the pill and abortion, then most women would be in fear of getting pregnant and fall behind men in the competition for wealth and power. We can't have that now, can we? Why Don't YOU stop the pill if you are so concerned about White demography? You are cute enough to be objectified. C'est votre raison d'etre.. FEMINISTS ARE NOT welcome in a Man's World. STFU and go get pregnant.

  • I cannot wait to be a white minority living in a global Somalia.

  • I work in the Bahamas and live in Florida. One thing my native Bahamians said is that black people just do not unite and get along add to that they are taking over. They also said that because of this look at the state of disunity in Africa. In history, the only time they had it together and wielded some modicum of power was with the great Egyptian empire in the distant past. Now fast forward and imagine what the United States would be like once they take over. Yes, the UN and the NWO desire to make the globe a Third World country. With the migration campaign it’s no wonder that everything is falling apart. Cut your nose off to spite your face.

  • what these immigrants fail to realize is white people created 90% of everything in the world that we use, so when we go so does our creation and civilizations we created, every race around the world wants to be apart of the white civilizations we created but the Jews want us gone and use the monkey brains to destroy us, its our fault for being nice

  • Good. Whites suck and need to go.

  • I love Lana's monologues.

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