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We’ll See You In Court! Dominion/FBI/DOJ/Jocelyn Benson on Occam’s Razor Ep. 228
Sep 22, 2022


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Massive action in the legal world over the last 24 hours, with the FBI, DOJ, Michigan’s corrupt Secretary of State and DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS all getting sued!

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  • Always good stuff on this channel. Remember, there is a huge amount of child killer drugs coming over the US / Mexico borders do to the fact that Democrat Politicians have been Fighting to down our borders for many years now. 15 year old girl and others dead Los Angeles caused by Democrats supporting Drug Cartels...Democrat Politicians Probably accepting bribes from the MS13 and Sinaloa drug Cartels. Forcing borders open is a common Tyrannical Coup Tactic used throughout History. REMOVE ALL DEMOCRATS. The Democrat high level Administration has been threatening the FBI to support the Dem Agenda or be fired when and if Dems win in 2020 and in 2024. Both the FBI and DOJ are working only for the Democrat Cabal Agenda. Yes, there is money and future golden parachute positions offered to DOJ and FBI as bribes. This has to be investigated as part of the FBI DOJ Restructuring. All involved will do real time.

    Fix all the Dominion Voting Databases now or lose again in 2022 and 2024. Your chances of getting involved are to go away soon you will be fully enslaved. If an Economy crash happens and Dems invoke Marshal Law, It's over, you will be disarmed and enslaved by the Democrats and Cabal money. EU soldier will assist in the disarmament of American Patriots.

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