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RISE ATTIRE presents: 'The John Van Meter Story'
Jan 24, 2023


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A visual retelling of the disturbing but EPIC true story of John Van Meter, a heroic woodsman who rescued a kidnapped young woman from the clutches of an elite satanic cult on Halloween of 2004, just minutes before being raped and killed in a dark ritual of human sacrifice. As told by legendary former head of the FBI Los Angelas division turned whistleblower, Ted Gunderson, and from the victim herself via a powerful, intimate letter she wrote in an effort to be heard. Inspired by the incredible story, we've created this video infusing a series of original digital composite images and illustrations created by Rise with a few stock videos mixed in. In doing so, we hope to do her story justice in an effort to ensure it's shared and re-told far beyond Mr. Gunderson's brave efforts. This is an incredibly important exposé of evil, and its unfortunate infiltration into the highest levels of our government and law enforcement. Because of the mature nature of the subject matter contained herein, viewer discretion is advised. However, we consider this video/story a necessary watch for all adults of stable heart and mind. In order to fight this evil, we must be brave (as John Van Meter was) and willing to confront it head on, guns blazing. Strap on your spiritual armor and get ready for one hell of a ride. Sauce: Link to full presentation: Article on John "Homer" Van Meter's plea to have false allegations levied against him dismissed: Article detailing the slow moving trial of Van Meter's supposed "imaginary gun battle" from 2007: Link to Van Meter's book wherein Gunderson's letter to the judge is printed. Scroll down past the letter of the girl who was nearly sacrificed in California to see Van Meter's account of the judicial proceedings. See what he told the court concerning the assistant D.A.'s allegations he had enlisted the services of a friend to shoot him (one bullet creasing his skull) in order to perpetrate the "hoax":

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  • This is so disturbing it's almost unbelievable, but I know in my soul it is the truth. Thank you. These types of truths have to be accepted in the mainstream.

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