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Operation Self-Reliance - Helping Families Create a Self-Reliance Lifestyle
Feb 22, 2022

Riverbed Ranch off-grid town

Riverbed Ranch is an off-grid farming community nestled between the Keg Mountain and Simpson...



This video follows Philip Gleason's life-long journey to create a self-reliance lifestyle for his family. After that long journey, Gleason has launched “Operation Self-Reliance” or OSR. OSR is a private, non-profit partnership of organizations helping families achieve complete self-reliance, not dependent on cities for their food, water, power or sanitation needs, and, living in an environmentally sustainable way, debt-free. . DETAILS: . The Academy of Self-Reliance, a Utah non-profit Operation Self-Reliance partner, helps families along the path to self-reliance with it's various educational programs, hands-on workshops, and events. The Academy's “Path Program” helps families create their own detailed, actionable plan to create a self-reliance homestead. That homestead can be located on one's own property, or, in our homesteading community like the one being build right now by the Academy's partner, the Utah OSR Land Cooperative. . Is it Sustainable? . Some believe that organic farming is not sustainable, but we vehemently disagree and will prove that regenerative organic agriculture and sustainable farming practices can bring great prosperity to a cooperative community. In fact, we believe that a co-op community that balances agricultural production on private property with community-owned agricultural projects, can become self-sustaining and work wonderfully well for everyone. Get . More Information: .. Here's an summary printable info sheet: which also explains how to get involved. Our Facebook group where we share self-reliance related articles and videos, and, post Academy events.

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