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Zombie robot spider finally invented
Aug 07, 2022


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Scientists at Rice University, Texas, have discovered a way to turn dead spiders into tiny gripping robots, using only a syringe full of air and some superglue. The video released by the scientists (yes, they just had to film it) shows a range of applications of this new invention, including picking up broken electronics components and picking up other dead spiders. Apparently this monstrosity is good for 1,000 uses, so even if you want it to die, it won’t.

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  • reeeeeeeeeeeeeee tarded

  • Storage time affects this so called invention. The organic molecules will disintegrate due to fungus and other recycling fused into the ecosystem. I prefer something mechanical that will last longer and does not contain parasites, pathogens etc. that the the dead bug may contain. I have seen reports on how Hitler's research scientists have reanimated dead soldiers, but in that case it was demons that were the power invoked. The zombies were very unstable and violent, so the Nazi scientists had to abandon that type of research.

  • Disgusting. And I am not talking about the spider.

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