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Demonic Leftist Attack on the Arizona Capitol
Jun 26, 2022


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Warning: Language - The lunatics are utilizing their standard vocabulary skills.


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  • no arrests. because they're democrats. we know what's really going on. and the monster is getting tired of the shit

  • En fait là ça devient évident : le gauchisme ou wokisme est une entreprise de terrorisme domestique, je ne vois pas de meilleure définition !!!

  • Don't worry, the Democrats will bail you out if you get into trouble, the dudes speaking Spanish, that's the problem too many dumb fucks in our country that can't even speak English!

  • And after all of that... NO ARRESTS made.

  • God will use the WEF to punish them. They will lose all choice and bodily autonomy.

  • And tonight, on SLUTS GONE WILD.....

  • There is another body in there, these people are demons. Truly the poison "VACCINE" is a "MY BODY MY CHOICE" issue, but they don't care about the truth.

  • The usual ugly fat pigs pretending they’ll ever have to consider issues involving childbirth.

  • There democrats no such thing as a leftist.

  • hey! chill why don't we ask the Baby what it's choice is?

  • Yes there are A LOT of Crazy Americans Right now WE need More Psychiatric DOCTORS NOW ASAP!! get these people some Medical treatment!

  • They really don't want freedom it is not about freedom but the right to Kill, the right to Kill Babies!!

  • grow up n get a life ... shameful behavior n not necessary ... what does it prove ... so go about your life n do to your body what you want , does everyone really need to see n hear this .. we will all answer to God for ever word , thought n deed ..

  • LOL. What a bunch of Pussy Liberals. As soon as "Tear Gas" was deployed, they ran away and shit themselves. Hahaha!

  • See what happens when women are given the right to vote?

  • Is abortion illegal in Mexico?

  • So this is Jan 6 ?

  • Insurrection !

  • WTF is wrong with you bitch?

  • What was "DEMONIC" about a loud angry protest? Why the unnecessary HYPE?? :(

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