Jun 20, 2022


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Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov: Bush-Era Secret Docs Reveal President’s Secret, Unchecked Emergency Powers


Bush-era records released under the Freedom of Information Act raise concerns about the powers presidents might claim during crises, from suspending habeas corpus to implementing an internet kill switch.

In 2004, high-rank­ing staffers in the George W. Bush admin­is­tra­tion spear­headed a holistic review of the pres­id­ent’s emer­gency powers. Their goal was to refresh a set of secret plans known as “pres­id­en­tial emer­gency action docu­ments,” or PEADs, the continu­ity-of-govern­ment play­book that emerged under Pres­id­ent Dwight Eisen­hower as a response to the threat of nuclear war.

Those docu­ments had been revised previ­ously, but they took on new signi­fic­ance in the wake of 9/11. Their review was, as one Bush offi­cial saw it, an “urgent and compel­ling secur­ity effort, espe­cially in light of ongo­ing threats.”

In response to Free­dom of Inform­a­tion Act requests, the George W. Bush Pres­id­en­tial Library turned over to the Bren­nan Center more than 500 pages gener­ated during this review and subsequent reviews in 2006 and 2008. (Another 6,000 pages were with­held in full because they are clas­si­fied.) The released records shed troub­ling new light on the powers that modern pres­id­ents claim they possess in moments of crisis — powers that appear to lack over­sight from Congress, the courts, or the public.


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  • I would say if there was a kill they shudda pushed that button. The otti is crumbling via the net.

  • it would be a blessing if the entire Bush family, extended et-al, were wiped from the face of the earth would be a step in reconciling this evil!!!!

  • gab and gab tv, along with every platform that is not a mouthpiece of the Federal Government is going to be shut down, with staffs put in internment camps, when martial law is imposed, and the midterms are cancelled in October 2022.

  • It's now painfully obvious that the American people absolutely need to know what powers have been granted to the various entities, and most especially those powers that have been granted outside the intended system of checks and balances. We now know that the US government is working very hard and very specifically against the American people as well as against the people of the world. As such, we need to know what authorities they have to further the implementation of their wicked plans against us.

  • To ReviveTruth - No, nothing subliminal. I have cheap video editing software and I chose to cut 1 minute and 45 seconds out to remove a sponsor's Ad. It's not very precise software with the timestamp cuts, but you can always link to the video source and get the full monte if you feel cheated.

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