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Medical Martial Law: Dr. Simone Gold — Jailed
Jun 17, 2022


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An insurrection by the court against the rule of law. - David Knight


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  • the lockdowns werent imposed by Trump -- get your facts straight sir.

  • tbqh I'm having a hard time feeling sympathy for anyone dumb enough to go into the Capital building . I realize they had the red carpet rolled out for them but you have to know better. You are not the left you are the enemy of the government because you want freedom there is no free pass for the right go directly to jail


  • Simone Gold is Jewish but she is rebelling against the Globalist Jews mission to make vaccinations mandatory and that means the whole Jewish coaition will disown her . The Jews are highly organized and have a dedicated messenger service to keep them informed.

  • David Knight is a failure because he is an asshole.

  • David Knight is a never-Trumper. Do you believe in the concept of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? That's the "cult" of Patriotism you are bashing. Trump was the point of the spear, but the Deep-State broke him.

  • Your logic is wrong. There will be no midterms. The DEMs are going to steal America by finding an excuse to impose martial law and cancel the midterms. Then, there will be a clear path to absolute power. You give all the cogent reasons for it.

  • Dr. Simone Gold did trespass into the Capitol. She should not have. She was tried back in January and plead guilty in March and waited 3 months for sentencing with about 6 Months that she'll have to serve. She at least had the benefit of due process. She'll come out as a martyr from this. She'll be labeled a "political prisoner" and the like. But she is serving for time for the crime. The focus should be on the others who were not charged and are serving time or are being restrained without due process.

  • i disagree about the Trump part

  • David, part of your commentary here proves you're a putz and just care about your dumb show. Why the hell are you reading form CNN? Some of us do care about fixing the stolen election and our votes/republic being stolen from us, whether we likely Trump and his death shots or not. That doesn't mean we're in a cult. Your obsession with hatred and it's done nothing but turn you into a buffoon. Now all of a sudden, you care about the political prisoners and what's been/being done to them? You're a phony, and it's no wonder Alex Jones couldn't stand you.

  • When I first heard about Dr. Simone Gold, a forthright, honest woman being thrown in prison for simply speaking their mind and doing so peacefully is a disgrace for all those that claim to uphold the law.

  • Pray, and push back. The CCP enforcers in the white house have a long reach and Truth isn't their concern.

  • The Communist a. Is moving swiftly to shut down all credible voices of Truth (opposition). Pray, Call, Email and push back now. Have a back up plan just in case the long tentacles of the Globalist cabal comes for you...even if you were Miles away from the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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