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Skull & Bones
Sep 18, 2022


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In episode 19 of Myths vs Facts, Art Thompson discusses how the secret society of Skull and Bones has played a major role in America and its politics. Find out how secret campus fraternities such as Skull and Bones have been used to fulfill important tactics promoted by the Illuminati. Originally aired on Oct 2, 2018.


This FREE .pdf book above is by famed historical researcher, Prof. Antony C. Sutton. His examination of Skull & Bones is probably the best insight into this secretive Yale organization ever published. It is a fascinating read detailing its origins, rituals and selection process, including the list of members since its inception. I highly recommend it

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  • To Unknown Commenter - Well maybe the question should be: Is the Pope Catholic? After all, he's a Jesuit, which is highly suspect and condemned. The former priest, Dr. L. A. Lehman wrote a pamphlet entitled: 'Behind the Dictators' which exposed the Jesuit's plot in writing the 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,' first published in Russia in 1903 and blamed on the Jews. His pamphlet can be read at: and pay attention to pgs 14-15 on the chapter: The Jesuits and the Protocols of Zion.

    Fortunately, most people know the Protocols are an anti-Semitic fraud, but there are still millions who've been duped by it. Just look on Gab!

  • Catholicism, the uniquely true religion founded by Christ, is irreconcilable with the Antichrist, Satanic religion of Masonry, Ordo Ab Chao 33. Catholics are expressly warned in the Code of Canon Law (c. 684) against joining associations that are secret, or condemned, or sedititious, or suspect, or which seek to withdraw themselves from the legitimate vigilance of the Church. Anyone belonging to societies that plot against the Church or state incur [ipso facto] excommunication, simply reserved to the pope. Notorious members of such societies are deprived of ecclesiastical burial and priests may not assist at their marriages without consulting the ordinary.

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