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Episode 6: Theological Minimalism, Cultural Syncretism, & Antinomianism
Aug 01, 2022


The King's Hall podcast exists to make self-ruled men who rule well and win the...



The King's Hall Podcast exists to make self-ruled men who rule well and win the world. In this episode, we continue building out the subject of Season One: The Next Christendom. In this season, we talk about both what will need to go and what will need to be built to see the cathedral of Christendom go up.

The King's Hall is a collaboration between Brian Sauvé, Eric Conn, & Dan Berkholder.

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  • I don't like the use of legalism as a bad term in Christianity, as the only attempt to address the concept in the NT is when Jesus began his ministry and Kingdom by defending Jot and Tittle approach to doctrine. Jesus defended good legalism against bad legalism by using legalist arguments. Also, you might not be aware, but Dominionism has spread beyond Calvinism and has become important even in Charismatic churches. I'm anti-Calvinist because I oppose Augustine as well and his twin central doctrines of infant damnation and righteous persecution. Luther and Calvin expanded upon these errors, and so Sebastian Castellio and Servitus became the "patron saints" of American Christianity, in part thanks to John Milton's Areopagitica.

    While Fundamentalism focused on minimalism in a way, it was not intended as a final position. The barricades of American Christianity had been breached and most denominations were already destroyed from the inside. Read Gary North's "Crossed Fingers: How Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church." The Fundamentalists did include some maximalist errors, such as promoting Teetotalism and Dispensational Premillennialism. But by retreating out of captured churches, they successfully rebuilt new churches while the old ones died of their own cancers.

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