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Episode 1: Welcome to The King's Hall
Aug 01, 2022


The King's Hall podcast exists to make self-ruled men who rule well and win the...



The King's Hall Podcast exists to make self-ruled men who rule well and win the world. In this episode, we continue building out the subject of Season One: The Next Christendom. In this season, we talk about both what will need to go and what will need to be built to see the cathedral of Christendom go up.

The King's Hall is a collaboration between Brian Sauvé, Eric Conn, & Dan Berkholder.

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  • These guys mention Doug Wilson's book. "Wilson’s goal is to stress that outwardly we have beauty, but inwardly our churches are dying a thousand deaths because of the stench of death that has permeated our furniture. Central to this analysis is the necessity of the new birth." it is GREAT these church doods are waking up to need for a new birth, but what about "coming out"? Coming out of churches, out of church clothes, church "homes", church "religion", church "culture", church "worship" (rituals) etc? What is "pure religion" or "true worship"? If it has nothing to do with "church", but maybe its everything about a royal-priesthood, set-apart nation, a people possessed by man's Creator seeking to do His Will, furthering His Kingdom, eh? What does it mean to come out of 'babylon" and "do all things to become free" from Egyptian slavery? How do we repent from neo-phariasim playing "church"/temple and become a reforming community that builds a new covenant administration into every aspect of society?

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