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Kanye West | How Are Hollywood Celebrities Controlled?
Nov 23, 2022

Clay Clark



Kanye West | How Are Hollywood Celebrities Controlled? Why Does Harley Pasternak, the Man Threatening to Drug Kanye West Have Connections to the Military & Drug Experimentation? "So Working with the Military I Wasn't Governed by the Same Laws That the Typical Person Was."

Kanye West's personal trainer Harley Pasternak and former Canadian military member who was involved with conducting experiments on what drugs can do to the human mind, “Second option, I have you institutionalized again where they medicate the crap out of you, and you go back to Zombieland forever. Play date with the kids just won’t be the same."

What Do You Believe Happened with the Red Wave? What Are Your Thoughts About the Results of the John Fetterman and Doctor Oz Senate Race In Pennsylvania? Why Paul Ryan & Chris Christie and the Establishment Pushing for DeSantis and Attempting to Push Out President Trump? Paul Ryan on the board of FOX News? What Is President Trump’s Big Announcement Going to Be About On the 15th of November? Why Did President Trump Refer to Florida Ron DeSantis As Ron DeSanctimonious? Are You Excited That Joe Biden Appears to Be Indicating That He Is Running for President Again? What Is Going On with John Durham? What Do You Believe Is Going to Happen with Kari Lake’s Race In Arizona?

POINT #1 - NEW TEN COMMANDMENTS?! | Why Did Yuval Noah Harari Say, "The U.S. Constitution and the 10 Commandments. Both of These Documents Endorse Slavery." - WATCH - - In Sinai, a Prophetic Call for Climate Justice and Ceremony of Repentance -

POINT #2 - BRICS | BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) President Marcos Troyjo “BRICS Has Evolved to Really Promote Global Governance. It’s a Pleasure to Live In Shanghai. It’s One of the Most Dynamic Cities In the World.” - WATCH -

POINT #3 - Why Are Russia & China Preparing to Introduce a New Gold-Backed Currency, "Global Central Bank Gold Purchases Leapt to Almost 400 Tons in Quarter 3." - November 1st 2022 (Read Below) - WATCH -

Global central bank purchases leapt to almost 400t in Q3 (+115% q-o-q). This is the largest single quarter of demand from this sector in our records back to 2000 and almost double the previous record of 241t in Q3 2018.

POINT #4 - Why Did Yuval Noah Harari State, "A Change In the U.S. (TRUMP) Administration Will Make It Easier, It's Been a Negative Force, Undermining the WHO and Attempts to Have Global Cooperation?" - WATCH -

POINT #5 - Why Did Yuval Noah Harari Say, "The U.S. Constitution and the 10 Commandments. Both of These Documents Endorse Slavery?" - WATCH -

U.S. Government and Foundations Announce New Public-Private Effort to Unlock Finance to Accelerate the Energy Transition - READ -

POINT #6 - Why Did the United States of America Just Sell 136 Tons of Gold to China? Why Are China and Russia Working On Introducing a New Gold-Backed Currency? - WATCH -

POINT #7 - Why Did Yuval Noah Harari Call for "A World with Completely Different Laws," & "We Will Rebuild the Temple?" - Kanye West | Is Kanye Referring to Human Sacrifice In Hollywood? "Michael Jordan, His Daddy? Bill Cosby, His Son? Dr. Dre, His Song? Around Hollywood Alot of People Come Up Missing?" - WATCH -

POINT #8 - How Was Paul Able to Worship God When He Should Have Been Worrying? - WATCH - - “16 Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers; 17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: 18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints.” - Ephesians 1: 16-18

POINT #9 - Why Did Yuval Noah Harari Say, "COVID Was the Moment When Surveillance Started Going Under the Skin?" - WATCH -

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