Jun 19, 2022

🔥Donald Trumpet🔥

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This story is currently unfolding. It confirms everything we have been called crazy for knowing and exposing. I'll be back with links. Just a messenger. This information is what it is; decide for yourself.

Whistle blower told me that Damien Echols is Johnny Depp's best friend. He is known as one of the "West Memphis Three." He took an Alford plea. (Look him up.) He is known for being satanic, but really they're luciferian. Satanists don't believe in God at all and loserferians believe god IS the devil. (Their bible is called "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike.) Any more words from me will get in the way, so it's best to just watch the video and decide for yourself, but this story is MASSIVE. It sounds like the whistleblower and lawyers need a public awakening to the truth about pedowood before proceeding due to the nature of the opposition's GAS LIGHTING tactics. (Look up gas lighting if you don't know what that means.) Go to just to see where you end up.

Whistleblower wants this message shared because he is being censored due to the nature of this explosive information. MSM won't go near it. I'll be back with the rest of the links.

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