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Ask A Frustrated Nurse Episode 20
Apr 08, 2022

THS & The Healthitude Academy

You are safe here. We are here to help you and your family, navigate the Healthcare System, make...



Looking at Payor News- Insurances Healthcare is broken and even my best friend who is the polar opposite of both of us agrees and would do well to work together on changing and REDESIGNING our healthcare as we know it. United Healthcare is fighting to purchase Change Healthcare an AI company and billing type platform. Justice Department is concerned over the monopoly. The price is $13 Billion. The hearing is slated for August. Hope this does not go through. Uninsured individuals will be paying $195 for covid vaccines. Many Healthcare data breaches have occurred recently.

California's Universal Healthcare bill fails. Wow, that makes me pleasantly surprised. BCBS of Texas and Memorial Hermann sever contract leaving 100,000 members to find new primary care providers.

I encourage you to look at #DPC providers and don't trust your insurance to always do the right thing for you the consumer. They cost you more than you need to pay, a lot of the time. Consumer beware! Let us be there for you. Check us out and remember if you have incurred any expenses due to covid. We will evaluate for free, making sure you are charged correctly and the insurance is taking care of you and not leaving you with a bigger bill than necessary.

Please like and subscribe and stay informed. Ask us questions, and be empowered. Your healthcare should not be status quo. Remember, your insurance is not always there for you.

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