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Ask A Frustrated Nurse Episode 25
Jun 17, 2022

THS & The Healthitude Academy

You are safe here. We are here to help you and your family, navigate the Healthcare System, make...



After a hiatus away from doing this series. I took time away from doing other projects and reflecting on our Mission and what we do and the direction we want to go with the future of Think Healthcare. Discussed our value in serving the patient and healthcare consumer. Check us out and all of the services we provide.

HCA buying 5 Utah Hospitals- I said when they announced the deal Somebody wouldn't like it. FTC filed a suit to halt the sale. The trial is in December. They are claiming that without the Stewart vs HCA there would be no competition. What about IHC? IHC through the fit when three of the hospitals were owned by the same group with most of the HCA facilities back in the 90s.At that time they sold off 3 hospitals, only to buy them back all these years later. I will admit. IHC does their own thing they have their insurance and do contracts with other commercial payers. But at the end of the day, there should be a 3-way competition, not 2. I know that the way HCA does their pricing and early increases is very strictly monitored and done once a year.

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