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Ask A Frustrated Nurse Episode 32
Jun 23, 2022

THS & The Healthitude Academy

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I have been watching old Dragnet shows and refer to JUST THE FACTS. I am resolved to shorten my rambling on video, Moving forward. 1 topic. AMA state that patients should be Leary of reports regarding pricing transparency from sources other than CMS. Claiming that organizations have come to widely various conclusions on how the art of Price transparency is going. Because of the various ways pricing is being reported. I personally have experienced variations to the posted pricing to calling and getting pricing. Things don't add up and is not clear. There are so many variables on how we get a bill at the end of the day. These lists are not the bottom line or cemented in stone.

2nd topic. Children hospitals ready to roll out vaccine. Not a fan No further discussion needed. Florida will not use state money to vaccinate children. Parents that want to vaccinate there children can do so in the private healthcare sector.

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