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Ask A Frustrated Nurse Episode 33
Jun 23, 2022

THS & The Healthitude Academy

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2 topics Anesthesia and Surgery Centers Anesthesia is one of the more difficult in pricing in relation to the amount. They are happy to take your money. But I don't really see a discount as to the price particularly for pre-paid pricing. The anesthesia groups are changing management groups and evolving. Most are figuring price usually using CPT code and DX code. There are a few that won't do pricing as they use minutes. Which is traditionally how anesthesia is billed.

They are claiming since COVID it is a challenge to get Anesthesia staffed due to trend of moving to locum which in turn can drive the cost of anesthesia up even more.

Now to the surgery center. My favorite facility on the planet. Once you have you (network provide if applicable) You then need to understand the facilities they do their procedures. Some Surgery Centers are better than others when it comes to their affiliation. Big box healthcare systems or private affiliate. We at Think will review your policy and make sure you know before you go. Helping to keep you out of high balances that you don't need when you can do things cheaper. Your provider may be in network. But they only go to a facility that charges more than you or your plan needs to pay.
If you have a high deductible and must spend $4000 or more toward your high deductible instead of at least half that or less. Let us help you watch your healthcare spending. You really don't need to overspend.

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