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Ask A Frustrated Nurse Episode #23
Jun 14, 2022

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May recording of Ask A Frustrated Nurse #23

Becker News Review I talked about United Heal thcare (Insurance) planning on buying Change Healthcare which is similar to the platform they already own Optum.

They are looking to sell off pieces of both Optum and Change in order for the deal to go thru. Otherwise, the FTC may not like the deal or approve it. The Justice Department has filed to stop the acquisition.

I talk about the fact that United owns a group of ASC (ambulatory surgery centers). I state my disliking that I don't like that Hospital corporation and insurance companies have bought these ASC.

Why should insurance companies and Hospital corps be allowed and not physicians?

Again I wish that we could build a co-op group and have a standing in the competition. Driven toward a free-market alternative, that is more true to the ideals. Giving the competitive edge against the big-box corporations and the insurance companies.

Mayo Clinic predicts the rise of COVID by April 23rd (past)

Duke U Medical System is purchasing another medical practice. Many physicians are not happy.

MD Anderson is naming a physician as the Chief of Equity and Diversity and Inclusion Officer. I have no words, all my years in medicine. A patient is a patient and they don't need a label.

In my opinion, we are moving in the wrong direction. We don't need labels to be a patient or healthcare providers.

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