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Bidens Got Covid Again.... Shocking!
Aug 03, 2022

Tom Laipply

This country was founded on Christian principles and the roles of Patriot and Pastor sometimes...



Tom Explains Antibody Enhancement Syndrome And The Biden Situation.

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  • Imagine if you will (in my best Rod Serling) a government(s) administration so corrupt that the children are aware of their catastrophically compromised future by what looks to be the proprietor, a demented husk of a formerly failed representative of the people.

    With this "proprietors" health failing to a manufactured disease that allowed government entities and corporations unfettered self indulgence, a glimpse, a mere shimmer of a hope in the prospect of extenuation of the corruption lays in the hands of one, of coarse another cognitively comprised yet completely corrupted husk of a human representing the lives of hundreds of millions now enveloped by mass media, the mistress of the corruption.

    In a manufactured exhibition of false heroism understood by few if any the media sets this new proprietor in a position they see as potentially endearing by the masses whom have lost hope in the previous.

    Tune into any of your corporate funded propaganda channels for the continuation of this episode, and have a good night.

    “If survival calls for the bearing of arms, bear them you must. But the most important part of the challenge is for you to find another means that does not come with the killing of your fellow man.”– Rod Serling

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