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Why would they do this?
Sep 19, 2022

Troy Taft

got truth?



This is the update for September 18, 2022: Quick climate change update. Government Covid lies are coming back to haunt them. Why would a government want to kill its own people?

Gold and Siver as money: Here's my UPMA link -


Scientist SHOCKS Newscaster By Claiming Sun And Moon Affect Weather -

UK Government BANS COVID Shots for Children 11 Years Old and Younger [VIDEO] -

Embalmers Report Most Bodies Showing Massive Fiber Clots Likely From Covid Vaccines -

Massive Study Shows Vaccine Up To 98 Times More Dangerous Than Covid -

The Truth About Social Distancing -

Ex-CDC director reveals names behind real COVID 'conspiracy' -

Medical Genocide Alert! Lawyers Confirm Anti-Vaxxers Targeted for Death by Remdesivir Poison -

The Dark Reason Our Leaders Turned Against Us - Leigh Dundas Interview -

There's a Bigger Agenda: "These People Are Literally Trying to Kill Us" -

TUESDAY FULL SHOW 9/13/22 – The War for the World Is NOW! The Great Reset Is an Attack on the VERY FUTURE of Humanity! Tune In & Learn How to Stop the Globalists While Saving Yourself & Family -

Executive Order 14067 Explained | Catherine Austin Fitts Explains, "A Digital Transaction Control Grid...Your Money Will Turn Off 5 Miles from Your Home." -

Transgender/Transhumanism, Biden's Space Warfare Executive Order, and More! with Jason Bermas -

General Flynn | Executive Order #14067 + SHOCKING!!! View Released 9/11 Pentagon Parking Camera Footage -

Choice in Currency UPMA -

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  • There's no need to stress about this. If it happens, it will happen. God feeds the animals, and we are worth much more than them to Him. Should we starve, we go home all the sooner.

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