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What Does the Holy Bible Say about Pornography?
Jan 20, 2023


The ministry was launched by Rick Wiles in September 1998 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. During the...



Three-fourths of American teenagers have been exposed to online pornography by age 17, according to a newly released study by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit child advocacy group. Teenagers are accessing porn on their smartphones, school devices, social media, and online porn streaming websites. Fifty-eight percent of the teenagers polled in the study said they were not searching for porn the first time they saw it. Still, explicit videos or photographs appeared on social media or in search engine advertisements.

Forty-one percent said they had watched porn while at school. Over half said they had watched porn videos that featured violent acts such as rape or choking. Over 50% said watching porn made them feel guilty or ashamed.

Recently, a Common Sense Media report quoted a professor of community health sciences at Boston University. Dr. Emily Rothman said, "We have to be careful about saying all porn is good or bad. There is nuance here."

Is there such as thing as good porn? What does the Holy Bible say about pornography?

In this edition of TruNews, Jeremy Wiles joins Rick to talk about the impact pornography has on society, its effects on others, and how it dramatically impacts the user's brain. They'll discuss these things and how there is hope, through Jesus, to be set free and live a life free.

Jeremy Wiles is the co-founder, along with his wife Tiana, of Soul Refiner. This online platform offers Christians top-quality courses on addictions, marriage, and family issues. Jeremy has helped over 1.5 million men break their addiction to pornography.

Rick Wiles with special guest Jeremy Wiles, Co-Founder of Soul Refiner

Airdate 1/20/23

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