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Why Wasn't Darrell Brooks Charged With a Hate Crime? | VDARE Video Bulletin
Nov 04, 2022

Virginia Dare

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Brooks faced no hate crime charges against white people. It’s a dramatic difference between the way the media and the government treated James Fields and George Zimmerman

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  • "Hate crimes" are basically the crime of being White.

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  • He is a B.I.E. his social media was plastered in racial hate. To not call what he did a hate crime must have come from the top as the FBI were forced to remove the description B.I.E. from their definitions after pressure from progressive protesters.

  • Fields?? who's Jewish grandfather was a murderer, why didn't you pick a white man, hmm,.

  • Because he did exactly what they wanted him to do. White people built the new world and now we're being erased from it.

  • Brooks handily represents the utter worst that black men have to offer. He's purposely ugly, childishly emotional, thoughtless, overtly idiotic, useless and a galloping misogynist. Considering the damage he's done to other blacks, like me, I wish him a long, painful future locked in the darkness that he himself has created.

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