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Pig Eating Pig Poo - And Loving It!
Feb 04, 2022


I'm Vilma the kitty and I purr in Finland. I like chimken snacks and pat pat pats. I share...



A Finnish farm pig enjoying some truffels (to put it in an apetizing way). We were spending our summer vacation in more rural parts of Finland and found a petting zoo. Upon arriving, we noticed these two happy looking piggies. One of them was following the other, and it was just lovely watching them. Then the one being followed took a dump - and the follower started eating the feces with these great munching sounds!

After the initial shock went away, I knew I had to record this. I've had this unreleased material for a while now but it's finally here. Is this what they meant with freedom of information? I like to think, yes!

From Finland with love :)

Suomipossu mutustamassa tryffeleitä (näin nätisti ilmaistuna). Vietimme kesälomaa Suomen luonnossa ja satuimme eläinten syöttötarhaan. Heti saavuttuamme ihastuimme näihin kahteen possuun, jotka seurailivat toisiaan. Sitten etummainen possu väänsi tortut ja takana tuleva alkoi mutustelemaan torttupinoa oikein reippaalla mässytysäänellä!

Alkushokin jälkeen tajusin, mitä minun täytyy tehdä. Otin kameran esille, ja nyt minulla on ollut tämä kaikki laatumateriaali vaan makaamassa koneella. Mutta ei enää! Tieto kuuluu kansalle ja nyt se on tehty. Olkaa hyvät :)

Vilma's Monero address: 84apsXijmDGUigagrdHarLfCZNnEMijEKDTccambV5N2dn2JLWGeM9rfZM8QBiaGZ6RKmofXrWWtqE4DRHy91a9FHUfnYQT

Credits for the music: Meatball Parade by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

Credits for the thumbnail's emojis:

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  • Juvenile horses do this too. Older horses do it when there is something lacking in their diets.

  • This reminds me of the trump party eating his poot.

  • In fairness, dogs eat their feces too.

  • that is one way to keep your home clean

  • That's only one reason why pigs are not food. The pigs are doing what they were designed to do. Good pigs, bad man. Understanding is available.

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