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Vilma Cat: You Throw, I Hunt
Nov 14, 2022


I'm Vilma the kitty and I purr in Finland. I like chimken snacks and pat pat pats. I share...



We are taking another tour to Vilma archives and releasing unseen material. This time we collected all toy-throwing videos that we had and mashed them together. Vilma doesn't play trashball as much anymore but, younger Vilma would slap those paper balls across the room, and she was quite good at it :)

Palaamme jälleen Vilma-arkistoihin katsomaan julkaisemattomia videoita. Tällä kertaa keräsimme kaikki lelujen heittelyvideot yhteen. Vilma ei pelaa roskapalloa enää vanhempana yhtä paljon, mutta nuorena Vilma läppi näitä leluja ympäri huonetta ja oli aika hyvä kikkailemaan :)

Vilma's Monero address:

Credits for the music: The following music was used for this media project: Music: Fast Feel Banana Peel by Alexander Nakarada Free download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website:

The following music was used for this media project: Music: We Love Punk Rock by WinnieTheMoog Free download: License (CC BY 4.0): Artist website:

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  • @no_tweets Thank you for the comments. Ocicats are absolutely beautiful! I always admire them whenever they come by. Wish I had two cats :)

    It always sucks to lose a family member like that. I guess it's part of the deal because we simply live longer but it's still always painful.

  • BTW, thanks for posting these beautiful and fun videos.‼️😻❤️😊

  • I also had an Ocicat named Noogi. He and I were extremely close. He was identical in appearance to Vilma and he used to love to play fetch with folded up 'post-its.' He passed from a very painful form of cancer. I miss him so much. 😢😿

  • I Love Cats! My Wife and I have 2 Ocicats. 🐈🐈❤️😽😻😸❤️

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