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Vilma Solves Level 2 Puzzle
Apr 24, 2022


I'm Vilma the kitty and I purr in Finland. I like chimken snacks and pat pat pats. I share...



Today Vilma solves a level 2 puzzle! These puzzles are not easy but solving them has come really natural for Vilma. This one is her favourite one so far and she's really good at solving it. I have wanted to document this for a long time and now it's finally ready. Enjoy!

This is possibly the best cat toy we currently have as the toy is solid (no extra parts), light, easy to use and doesn't get stuck easily. It's made in Sweden by Nina Ottosson. Direct link to the toy maker's homepage:

Tänään Vilma ratkoo 2. tason puzzlen! Nämä puzzlet eivät ole helppoja, mutta Vilma on melkoinen luonnonlahjakkuus näissä. Tämä on Vilman lempipeli ja katti on tosi haka sen ratkomisessa. Olen halunnut jo pitemmän aikaa dokumetoida, miten luonnollisesti Vilma hoitaa tämän.

Videolla näkyvä lelu on Nina Ottossonin tekemä. Se on kevyt, yksiosainen, helppokäyttöinen ja yksinkertaisesti hyvin toimiva. Tässä linkki tekijän kotisivulle:

Vilma's Monero address: 84apsXijmDGUigagrdHarLfCZNnEMijEKDTccambV5N2dn2JLWGeM9rfZM8QBiaGZ6RKmofXrWWtqE4DRHy91a9FHUfnYQT

Credits for the music: Call to Adventure by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

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  • @"TruthForge ~Garlic PUREBLOOD" Thank you for watching and thinking about Vilma's health :) Vilma is a senior cat and it's important that she has some extra padding. When Vilma turned 10, a vet recommended we give her extra 200 grams of weight. We got to 300 grams and she has stayed in that shape for the last two years. We do yearly checkups to monitor her weight and general health of course.

  • She's cute, but she does look like she gets a few too many snacks. Maybe her next trick should be climbing a tree. Over and over.

  • @"Christopher Chan" Thanks! She is quite special.

    @"Hooter McGavin" Counting the amount of treats :)

  • What does "Nam:4" mean?

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