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OBGYN: Death and Destruction From the COVID Shots
Oct 28, 2022


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  • globalresearch. ca says that 700 million people will die from the covid jab by 2028. Check out their website and input "covid deaths"/vaccine deaths to find the article. Scroll for around 2 pages.

  • It is called a Cytokine Storm, and the Democrats are forcing the mRNA's, which cause Cytokine Storms in the hearts and reproductive organs of little babies all the way up to adults. And heart tissue does NOT regenerate so this damage is permanent and this is called latent damage which will wait and caused death later in life while the heart is stressed during an athletic encounters or just biking or running.

    Democrat Politicians are fully aware that they have been hiding the Clear Dangers of the mRNA Vaccines which do not work. Democrat Politicians have made laws to force these deadly mRNA failures into all ages at the threat of being fired and the threat of not being allowed to attend school with the other children. Even thought the COVID Pandemic is over and the Variants are basically gone and weakened to the level of the common cold.

    There are millions of smart individuals who studied - and know how difficult it is to make a vaccine. There are many steps and processes involved. What happened here is that the mRNA Development was rushed and it did not work. The Democrat Politicians have known this for years. Se Democrats did what they do - which is to seek the bribes from Big Pharma then make laws to force a Dangerous product onto little children and adult for a Big Profit....Just as Democrats did with Monsanto. They made the laws and took Farmers to Court so that our little children and pregnant wie will eat fruit and vegetable soaked in Glyphosate !!!! A deadly pesticide which kills more efficiently than other pesticides. It has destroyed US Farmlands and it is in everything you eat now. Europe did not allow Monsanto into their country - So why is USA food tainted with Glyphosate. Because Democrat Politicians were bribed by Big Pharma Monsanto. And now the same Democrats are now seeking and getting the bribes from the mRNA Brig Pharma.

    The Democrat Politicians have not only killed millions of Americans by taking bribes from Monsanto, but they are taking bribes from the major Drug Cartels to force our borders open to drug smugglers who bring the Deadly Fentanyl into the USA from Mexico, which kills more than 100,000 men, women, and children each year.

    The Democrat induced near-term deaths are easy to see, but most will not see the long term effects of the Democrat Massive Printing of Trillions of USA Dollars by passing criminal bills that routed those dollars to the Big Pharma and Corporate Cabal which has been bribing the Democrat Politicians. The reduction in the strenght of the US Dollar caused by Democrats - plus the downing of USA Oil Resources in the USA has caused a massive enflation and the downing of millions of businesses in the USA.

    This will cause suffering and starvation on a scale unseen before in the USA. The poor will slowly suffer and die first while the Jewish Cabal pwned News Media report unrest and shootings to meet the Democrat goals of disarming USA Citizens while arming the IRS and other Democrat Gov Departments to the teeth.

    The Economy Crash is NOW.... The Stock Market is being controlled to a slow decline and the Jew Cabal owned News Media will not report on it until they Jews have all the Gold and Silver in their safes.

    This is a fight against those Jews and their plan to destroy and rebuild a slave state like the movies (1984) and Metropolis. The only was for the common people to win this is for us to realize that this is a war. An attempted Coup by the Cabal, which is the Big Banksters, Corporate FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths), and individual money hoarders like Soros and Bill Gates who performed deadly and deformation experiments on children in other countries who he knew would be silenced.

    It is very important for you to vote November 8, 2022, because we need to replace ALL Democrat Politicians and any Rhinos who sat on there hands while the above criminal Democrat activities outline above took place.

    There are allot of criminal Democrat Activities that have been taking place, to include Nancy Pelosi and her husband getting coughs (inside trading in the stock market). There are many other Democrats and Rhinos performing the same criminal acts. The common people of the USA are now angry and want these criminal Coup Pushing Democrat Voted out of Office.

    If you think that voting alone will remove the Democrat Deep State from power, think again. The Cabal money has already bribed a massive Deep State encompassing all Gov Department to include the Medical Departments and Police like the DOJ and the FBI which supported Hillary's claim of Russian Collusion with no evidence, and now the FBI is attacking Trump and all his Family and Friends. The USA has now become a criminal tyrannical police state.

    The Cabal money also now controls most of the Federal and all other Judges to include the Supreme Court which fears the Democrat Threat to break up the Supreme Court..... This is why SCOTUS changed their stance on Roe VS. Wade..... To give the Democrat Politicians a point to run on which galvanized the Angry Feebleminded Female Voters - Just as they did with the Fake Russian Collusion Lie which brainwashed ignorant Female voters to remove Trump and put Pedo-Demented-Biden in Power. So you see what these ignorant women have done to the US Economy. We will be lucky if we are able to escape THE BIG ECOBONY CRASH in 2025 !!!

    The Communist and Jewish Cabal have stolen all the Cold and Silver, and now they are investing in Oil stocks while attacking our Oil Resources and causing Wars which again causes Oil Prices to Skyrocket. It is the Democrats and the Federal Reserve which needs to be taken down and moved back the USA control by the voters of the USA, not foreign Banksters. We The People need to capture the Gold before it is moved out of the USA.

    The Jews and the Cabal are manipulating the common people and have been stealing our wealth and our work for year by using The Federal Reserve, the Democrat criminal Congressional Laws and IRS Tyrannical Court Laws. It is easy to see why the Criminal Democrat Politicians want to disarm and take only the capable tyranny deterring rifles from US citizens while arming up Government Department.

    There is no stopping on coming Economy Crash. When the crash happens, the computers will make it seem as if there is no crash and the Democrats will tell you that it is just a supply chain issues caused by COVID. But the fact is clear..... The Democrats have attcked and Destroyed out countries mostvaluable resources:

    1. OUR OIL.... which effects every company in the USA.
    2. Our Entrepreneurs...Our People which the Democrats are still Locking Down out of the Job Market because all the smart Entrepreneurs will not take the 5 Boosters and Democrat Laws say nobody gets a job unless they have all mRNA boosters.

    Democrats are killing our conomy and killing our Children. What more do you Mexicans and other migrants need to hear to vote the criminal Democrats out of office. This fake Global Warming and forcing our borders open to Drug Cartels and migrant voters is a common Coup Tactic.. It is the Democrats and their owners..The Cabal who are initiating this Coup of the USA Government.

    But if you listen to the Jew owned Mainstream News Media... they are continuing to lie and acuse Republicans of attacking Democracy and initiating a Coup.

    The evidence which I have outline above clearly shows that there is a Democrat Coup Attempt of the US Government as the Democrat Politicians align in lock step with Communist China and the Big Bankster Jew Cabal and other Cabal FEP.

    When I say Jew, or Cabal, I do not mean all Jews or all Banks and Corporations.

    I am speaking of those at the top who plan the NWO (( The Bilderberg's, Black Rock. Rothchild's, and individuals like Soro) Most Jews are good people who just some success and a family that is not struggling to much.

    It is those Jews and other clannish criminal mobs and groups of greedy criminals at the top who should be taken down in the West and in Russia and in the middle East and Africa, We know who these mobs are. Most of us who study know what is going on with the world economy. It is being taken by a few FEP. And the common people are slowly being deceived by distraction and are being enslaved.

    If the real Democrat and EU Coup is allowed to finish it's agenda....We The common people of Europe USA, Australia, and middle East and China.... The world will begin to look very communistic.....Totalitarian.... Enslaved. And with todays Electronic Technology, there is no escaping from the Enslavement once they disarm and take our bank accounts.

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