since: February 17th 2021
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  • Gathering the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel worldwide and teaching the children to obey the laws, statutes, commandments, ordinances, Sabbaths, Holy days, Jubilees, faith of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to build Yah's kingdom worldwide. To teach holy, righteous living, judge without favour, train our people in the way they should live, to reap the eternal kingdom set up by Christ for those who make it to the end. To train the Gentiles in righteous, holy, peaceful, living according to Our Creator Yah also called Iehovah who made the heavens, the earth and everything in it. Defenders of the faith. Protecting the believers and saints of the Gospel. We are witness the Creator exists Isaiah 43. TEXT/CALL US (404) 937 9107 We sell Health, Life, Burial Insurance , Foods Herbs for all Conditions CONTACT OUR MINISTRY AT:

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Babylon the Children of Judah Benjamin Levi Tribes of Israel Chant Down Babylon Israelites were slaves in Babylon Egypt Assyria etc Triangular Slave Trade Sambos Zambos
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Proof of the tomb Bones of Patriarchs Matriarchs Hebrews Israelites Saints early Christians Gamaliel Abybas Nicodemus St Stephens. Pan Africanists Conscious Community antiChrists Scoffers
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Magna Charter Carta Black Jews Israelites King, Barons wrote it. It became Bill of Rights in America
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Why Negroes love watermelons. US No Food No Drink No Watermelon Oppression. Melons in our Bible Children of Israel Saints Early Christians their customs
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Tomi Arayomi Prophesy to LilyoftheValley on Youtube Channel Jamaica Hebrew Isrealites from the 12 Tribes of Jacob/Israel Breaking Curses Releasing My Blessings from Yah
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Jamaican judge Patrick Robinson among honorees at first Eminent Caribbean Jurists Awards. Blessed are the Peacemakers Jah Children @ UN ICJ ICC
112 views ▪ 18 days ago
Free Homes ! Negroes it's time to tackle or flee gun violence food deserts. Contact US $400-$500 Per month for food, insurance, medicine included in the price We SHIP
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$1 homes, black children being murdered in St Louis all Negroes on deck action now Jamaica $4000 PCI. Warning went out before DARK WINTER
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Gomer Gommorah S o d o m i tish British Canada USA are targeting Jamaica Caribbean and Negro countries to sin
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Brazil Neymar rape accuser Najila Trindade hit with criminal charges, rape punishment in the Bible. Women who cry rape and the men too how to handle it?
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Star of Remphan, "Star of David", Star of Moloch Pentangle Pentagram has to do with magic, sorcery; stay away from idols . logos, find out their origins
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Twitter Test more questions than answers. Upside down world. When atheists and antiChrists infiltrate Christian nations Japhet Esau Ishmael
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Jordan reclaims borderlands as ties with Israel fail Bible prophesies fulfilling. Petra
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Pew First African Baptist Church Savanna GA built by Black Slaves Freedmen Hebrews Hebrew writings George Leile went to JA.
70 views ▪ a month ago
Jamaica is Judah the West Indies peace makers largest diaspora of Negroes Israelites Christians.
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Sao Tome Negroes full blooded in Sao Tome Principe are black Jews Israelites exiled from Portugal. Spain during the Catholike Inquisition
78 views ▪ a month ago
Latin American Negroe Israelites national dress Cuba , Panama, Guyanese, Caribbean styles
140 views ▪ a month ago
Xenophobia, Exodus Deportees Populism, Nationalism , No go zones, the Great Replacements Curfews lock downs Bible prophesy
57 views ▪ a month ago
Rasta in Jamaica throws rum in Pastor's face , pastor defends himself. Peaceful Resolution
49 views ▪ a month ago
Who are the ancient and modern Hamites?
67 views ▪ a month ago

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