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Welcome to planet Springfield! The RULING bodies in Springfield - the mindset displayed by off camera Board Members is common throughout all RULING BODIES of Springfield MO -- Board of Education, City Council, Mayor's Office (part of City Council), Mayor's Commission on Human Rights, etc. Their public hearings are a mere formality to meet legal requirements - - NOT to consider the concerns and evidences presented by the residents of Springfield! I personally know - although I do not call him my friend - one man who sits on one or more of these RULING BODIES who voted against God's Word, against the Church, against God's people irrespective of the major opposition to the pre-determined rulings were publicly voiced. And this one man I am speaking of is a key member of a significant church congregation in Springfield! It seems that these RULERS (they think they are) are fully committed to an agenda that is adverse to righteousness, adverse to God and God's people and they only go through the motions of "Hearings" to be able to falsely claim "Hey, we had hearings, we listened to the residents". Well they don't have hearings, they give appearances of hearings, they don't listen - they only hear the noise of people talking at the podium! Oh, yeah, when the RULERS get wind of major opposition to their agenda items, they reduce the citizens' time to speak from 5 minutes to three! Wouldn't it be great if next election Patriots challenged every seat on every city government public council or board ... then clean out all of the "back rooms" where the deals and decisions are really made!?!?!?

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